Western Electric TA-7444a


KT66 Tubes matched pairs NOS

Siemens EF804's

BTH 18" speakers


Jensen PLJ 18 speakers 


Siemens MK PIO 0.1uf 250V

Klangfilm KLL405 speakers SOLD

Dublier PIO 8uf /350V.

Telefunken VF14 for Neumann U47 mic

Mullard EZ81 NOS pair

Altec A126 amplifier parts and extra TL217A output  SOLD

Westrex, Mcintosh A26 amplifier 

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Siemens MKY 0.34uf/250V

Mickey De Acoustics
Simplex,Peerless Input transformers NOS

Siemens PIO capacitors 0.05uf/250V

Telefunken ECL80 NOS


speaker  SOLD

Siemens 5751,ecc83  3 mica tube

Westrex Triad Input transformers RA-1474 type

Telefunken ELL80 NOS

RCA pre amps pre BA1a 1940

Westrex, Western Electric 2 track Recording system

Altec Peerless mic pre input output transformers


Telefunken EF86 NOS pair

Western Electric VT-25A SOLD

Siemens Paper in Oil capacitors

HMV EMI  KT66 mono amp

Siemens Klangfilm C70246-B560-A1  pair SOLD

Gaumont Kalee 379 Units,

Lansing SOLD

BTH loudspeaker crossover

Klangfilm KLZ433a crossover

Mullard GZ34 fat base Pair NOS

RCA 2 Ch mixer



ECL80 tubes

Klangfilm KLL401 field coil drivers SOLD

Edicron RFT matched pair EL34


Lansing 287 field coil Pair


Leak Stereo

20 amp and pre Amplifiers

RCA 77


Vitavox S2 pair

VT-4C triodes


​Mullard fat base GZ#$ NOS