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Mickey De Acoustics

Western Electric A2 amplifier racks and R11 power supply.

Tube Mullard EZ81 Rectifier (NOS)

Lansing F-500A power supply for 415 and 287

Leak Stereo 20

Klangfilm Euronor Jr.
KIL441 loudspeaker system

Western Electric 594A field coil drivers Mirrophonic system

Klangfilm KLV502 amplifier pair

Western Electric 18" /Jensen 18" /BTH 18" Cone (NOS)

Lansing 415,815 field coil speakers

Jensen Western Electric 13.5" field coil

Western Electric 713B,KS12025 and L-9 Crossover

Tube Mullard GZ34 Fatbase (NOS)

Tube ECC83 /12AX7

Philips Copenhagen 1953 (MCA)

Tube ECC83 B.E.L (NOS)

Western Electric Mirro

phonic crossover TA-7444A

Various Multicell horns from Altec,Vitavox,Philips,RCA,Stephens etc..

RCA MI-4255 mono amplifier 845 tube

Western Electric 26A horn

Tube Philips GZ34 (NOS)

QUAD 2 and QUAD 22 Pre (Pair)

Tannoy 15" (NOS)
- Monitor Silver 
- Early Monitor Red

Matched pair 15" Shearer

Lansing Manufacturing 15XS Field coil

Tube RCA 6V6GT

Siemens made by Telefunken EF804s tubes

Tube EL84 B.E.L (NOS)

Western Electric TA-4194-A
18" Field Coil

Brimar 5U4G U52 G.E.C Rectifier

Siemens Capacitors

Western Electric TA-4181A 

RCA Jan 2A3

Tube Sylvania GB 5670 (NOS)

Leak Stereo 20 and Variscope Pre

Tube E90CC Philips (pinchway)

Tube G.E.C CV4005 Radio tube

Lansing N-400A crossover from 1943 for 415 and 287 system

Gaumont Kalee GK21 

Altec 604 RWB n