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This listing is for a single Western Electric TA-7444A crossover. As you can see this crossover is missing both the inductor coils. The rest of the crossover is original.

I removed it and have had it like this since.
This crossover was removed from a ta-7396 baffle pictured I have had this a few years now and was looking to get it restored. I have never seen the inductor coils offered. When I picked up the baffle drivers and horns this crossover was next to the baffle.

The two inductor coils were pinched as the copper has recycle value. So one of the guys working removed the coils to sell them. Pretty unfortunate but, that is the truth.  

I got the two coils from another cinema  They appear to be close to the original specs. I have not tried to fix it. They are included and part of this sale.
Kindly read through my listing completely before making a offer. 

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