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This listing is for a Western Electric  713b driver, KS12025 horn and RA-1402 n2 crossover as used in the Western Electric L-9 speaker system.

This has just been removed from a L-9 system. The 713b is in clean original condition. The Voice coil is 3.0ohms. The Horn in very good condition and has the Weco stamp on the throat mount. The crossover is a RA-1402 N2 type western electric made for the L-9 system.

 The crossover is very rare.I believe this is the N2 type RA-1402 crossover having an input of 24ohms.  I have seen only one sell in the last 7 years. This is only the 2nd crossover I have picked up.

 I have found/scored many 713b drivers and a few 754a speakers but only the 2nd crossover.So many 754a speakers and 713 drivers appear so often but, never the crossovers. I consider it impossible to find today . This crossover is as difficult and sought after as the earlier mirrophonic crossovers made for the field coil systems.

 Kindly note the cover with schematic is from a previous crossover I had. The cover of this crossover is missing.

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