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A single very rare Klangfilm Duophon open baffle speaker system model KIL445 .

There were very few of these made back in the 1950's

This baffle comes with KIL205 8" full ranges and a single KIL406 15" bass driver.

 This baffle is original. I have repaired and restored it in a few places.A few of the Louvre were changed. I have replaced them with European Birch wood.

There was a bit of damage to the bottom of the baffle. I have repaired it.

This baffle is in good condition.

The 8" speakers are Siemens ruf22c which is similar to Klangfilm KIL205. There have been a few systems with this combination and with the KIL205 drivers also.

 The crossover is original.KL LZ445 .

The Siemens ruf22c drivers are original and mint condition.

The KIL406 driver voice coil, has be rewound with vintage German wire. The cone is in mint condition.

 This speaker has been tested and has been playing in my warehouse for a while now.

This is a very efficient OB system. The drivers blend very well. This is a great open baffle setup. This can be considered the grandfather of all open baffles. Many modern day designs have been copied from this speaker system.

All the modern open baffle systems have used this principle a full range and 15" LF driver  combination.

Very natural with very good bass and high frequency reproduction.

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